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I aced an interview but lost interest in the job.

Was given a pre-interview test on a job I just applied without ever consideimagine I could get. I was told I aced the tests and all the engineers who set the tests wanted me on board. The only problem is I never really wanted that job. I just had an itchy finger day to apply and now I am wondering how should I turn down the offer because I told them I would give answer by end of this week.
My concern is they seem very impressed by my test results (which is all they care) and didn't seem interested in my actual experience. So I suspect I was selected for being a successful cargo-cult interviewee.
For the whole week I was feeling uneasy about the job offer because I never expected to get it and I was never seriously considering it. Also the fact it's in an industry which I consider to be of zero value to society. In this case, it's FOREX/Fintech. It's a sort of gambling/casino and I doubt whatever app I develop would be self gratificating. I don't think I would be proud to parade fintech/forex app development achievements in my resume.
I am also conflicted because the location is near and easily accessible by public transportation, and I saved tons of money from transport fees.
I am currently a freelanceconsultant having flexible time to do projects and I am not sure if I could get used to 9 to 6 again.
What do you think I should do? If I should reject the offer, how should I go about it ?
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[EVENT] Algerian Government Publishes Energy Strategy

April 2026

Algeria today is largely dependent on oil and natural gas, for energy and economic well being. This has served Algeria well over the past many decades, but not as well as some countries which possess much greater reserves of hydrocarbon fuels, however, Algeria has potential for huge exploitation of solar resources, with southern Algeria having some of the highest solar potential in the globe, short of hot-and-high locations such as the Andes and parts of the Tibetan Plateau. However, with the huge distances between Algeria's northern hinterland and the areas of best solar potential, there is a necessity for considerable effort to exploit this potential, as outlined in a government-published report:


Location and distance are two of the major issues to be considered. The best locations are thousands of kilometres from the northern, coastal regions of Algeria where most of the infrastructure and population is located. However, northern Algeria is not much better in terms of solar irradiance than say, Southern Spain, meaning there would be little advantage for foreign investment.


Assuming the location for Algeria's first plants is in the south, near the city of Tamanarasset, where solar energy would be able to produce as much as 2.5MW of energy per year from every square meter of reflectors, transport links would need to be constructed. Primarily a 2000km railway line and a moderately sized airport geared towards receiving cargo. At a minimum cost of $12bn.


Obviously the exact nature of the plants is of critical concern, whatever the shape they take, the technology of the plants should draw heavily from European developments, especially the Spanish Gemasolar plant which, thanks to the use of a molten-salt working and thermal storage medium is capable of continuous operation through the night, giving a very high capacity factor. Algerian plants built around Tamanassaret should be much larger however, and, thanks to the more regular day/night cycle and generally longer sunshine hours in Tamanasarret much higher power output can be achieved with the same number of heliostats.


Algeria has significant (c.40-50bn USD) in forex reserves, but this is very volatile with regards the global oil price. And even these substantial reserves would be significantly depleted by the effort of constructing these plants. The EU should be approached for funding in exchange for providing energy to them.


The outcome of the governments study into these areas has produced the following proposal:
  • The Algerian Government should incorporate a state-owned corporation, 'AlSol', to construct solar thermal plants in the region of Tamanarasset in southern Algeria.
  • Initial installation should consist of a pair of Solar Power towers with a nameplate capacity of 500MW each and an expected capacity factor of at least 60%, but preferably 70-75%.
  • These plants should hopefully be built in some cooperation with the Gemasolar designers Torresol of Spain, to develop these plants as the most advanced in the world.
  • With an assumed capacity of 65%, the annual generation of these two towers would be able to produce approximately four billion kilowatt/hours a year. Of these, Algeria would propose selling 80% (3.2mnMW/h) to the European Union at a fixed tariff of $60 per MW/h (or an annual tariff of $192mn, the remaining power will remain on the market in Algeria where 800,000 MW/h will supply from the single complex of two Solar Power Towers will supply more than 1% of Algeria's domestic consumption.
  • The total price of the project outlined is roughly $15bn, of which roughly two thirds falls under the building of new infrastructure to support the two plants. This infrastructure will also allow future expansion. If the construction of previous plants is anything to go by, the lead-in time of Solar Tower plants is relatively short, a mere three to four years, and additional plants could be constructed rapidly after the first has come on-line which would not require commensurate expenditure.
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